Proceedings 2023

No upswing without quality assurance - PV Days 2023 discuss the requirements for sustainable growth in the German PV industry

About 50 participants experienced a lively relaunch of the PV Days on November 15/16: With a more regional focus, the annual research and industry workshop of the Fraunhofer CSP aims to establish itself as the central meeting point of the (Central) German solar industry. Representatives from around 25 different industry partners and research institutions accepted the invitation to Halle (Saale) and discussed the challenges of the rapidly advancing expansion of PV capacities in inspiring presentations.

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About 50 participants discussed the challenges of the rapidly advancing growth of PV capacities.

Quality problems that occur specifically with polymers were also discussed, as were the risks that arise for manufacturers when purchasing inadequately tested materials, cells and components. Metrology methodologists and manufacturers demonstrated effective and therefore cost-saving quality assurance options, while module manufacturers explained how important it is that these methods are applied on a product-specific basis and in accordance with clearly defined standards in order to meet the highly competitive market requirements.

Last but not least, the fact that gross installation errors and, in particular, grid capacities that are far too low compared to the speed of PV expansion are jeopardizing the sustainable success of the solar energy industry were two further trend-setting contributions.

For Fraunhofer CSP, it was once again a valuable exchange of experience with itr partners and customers and thus a significant impetus to further develop its research services for their market-oriented needs.

We are already looking forward to next year's PV Days. Save the date for November 2024!