October 22

Time Agenda
13:00 Registration
Key Note Session
14:00 Data Enabling Terawatt Photovoltaics  |  Ralph Gottschalg  |  Fraunhofer CSP
14:20 Digitalization of PV Systems  |  Ingmar Kruse  |  SunSniffer GmbH & Co KG
14:40 Building the Foundation for a Terawatt World:  Why a Global Database Matters and What It Takes to Create One
Laurie Burnham  |  Sandia National Laboratories
15:00 PV Standards - the Building Blocks of Reliability and Quality Assurance  |  Tony Sample |  European Commission Joint Research Centre
15:20 Coffee Break
Operational Data and Field Performance
16:00 Energy Yield Performance of Monofacial and Bifacial PV Modules: Field Experiences, Challenges and Possibilities
Johanna Nathaly Bonilla Castro  |  TÜV Rheinland
16:20 Bifacial PV Modules in a Built Environment: Energy Yield Modelling and Field Performance Testing
Patrizio Manganiello  |  Interuniversity Microelectronics Centre IMEC
16:40 Experiences from the Field: Development and Recovery of PID in Coastal Environments
Eckhard Fleiß  |  Ingenieurbüro Fleiß
17:00 Performance Analysis and Machine Learning Models for PV Energy Yield Prediction
George Georghiou  |  FOSS Research Center for Sustainable Energy
17:20 Yield Evaluation of PV Systems Utilizing Machine Learning Methods  |  David Daßler  |  Fraunhofer CSP
19:30 Networking Dinner

October 23

(Production) Metrology and Quality Assurance I
9:00 Recent Developments in Industrial Solar Cell IV Testing  |  Maurice Lion | Botest Systems GmbH
9:20 Modern Controlling and System Monitoring  |  Frank Tannhäuser |  AIS Automation Dresden GmbH
9:40 CeMoDaS® – a Manufacturing Supervision System Combining Inline- and End-of-Line-Inspection with AI-Technologies
Martin Hiersemann  |  HIERSEMANN Prozessautomation GmbH
10:00 Data Mining for Process Optimization  |  Felix Neduck  |  Fraunhofer CSP
10:20 Coffee Break

(Production) Metrology and Quality Assurance II

11:00 Portable LED Flasher for Quality Assurance of Solar Parks  |  Bernhard Mitchell  |  Wavelabs Solar Metrology Systems GmbH
11:20 Module Quality Assurance in Production  |  Klaus Bücher  |  Optosolar GmbH
11:40 Quality Assurance of Module Encapsulation in High Volume PV Module Manufacturing
Christian Camus | Laytec AG
12:00 Junction Box Analysis Under Operation and In-Line by Magnetic Field Imaging
Kai Kaufmann | DENKweit GmbH
12:20 Lunch Break

Data Requirements for Successful Grid Integration of PV

13:30 Flexible Solar - Grid Integration and Ancillary Services  |  Stefan Degener  |  First Solar GmbH
13:50 EPC Chances: Digitalization, Quality and Diversity  |  Robert van Treeck  |  BELECTRIC Solar & Battery GmbH
14:10 Photovoltaic Power Plants for Direct Selling Green Power to Consumers  |  Stephan Riedel  |  Naturstrom AG
14:30 Coffee Break
15:00 Panel Discussion: What are the Data Requirements Enabling Terawatt Photovoltaics?
  • Stefan Degener
  • Ralph Gottschlag
  • Martin Hiersemann
  • Stephan Riedel
  • Tony Sample
Moderation by Karl Heinz Küsters
16:30 Idea and Industrial Market
18:00 Get Together

October 24

Obstacles in Technical PV Due Dilligence

9:00 Evaluating PV Module and System Data for Failure Analysis  |  Claudia Buerhop-Lutz  |  HI ERN

Data Requirements and Material Verification in Factory Inspections |  Paul Grunow |  Photovoltaik Institut Berlin


Quality Standards in PV - Where is the Big Gap?  |  Michael Köhl  |  Fraunhofer ISE

10:00 On Site Inspection of Utility-Scale PV Power Plants: What Makes Sense and What Does Not
Ricardo Ruether  |  Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina  
10:20 Coffee Break
Material Verification and Process Control
11:00 LECO - A Novel Laser-Technology Enabling Higher Efficiency and Production Yield  |  Eve Krassowski  | Cell Engineering GmbH
11:20 Understanding How Polymeric Materials Impact PV Modules Durability: A Key for Terawatt Photovoltaics
François Rummens  |  Renolit Belgium NV
11:40 Electrically Conductive Adhesives (ECA‘s) as a Lead-free, Alternative Connection Technology for Crystalline Solar Cells
Jörg Scheurer  |  Polytec PT GmbH
12:00 Lunch Break

Bonus Session: Half Cells - Full Performance (MechSi Closing Colloquium)

13:30 Project MechSi at a Glance  |  Jens Schneider  |  Fraunhofer IMWS
13:45 Sawing Experiments  |  Ringo Köpge  |  Fraunhofer CSP
14:00 Process Simulation  |  Kjell Bühler  |  Fraunhofer IMWS
14:15 Handling of Half Cells  | Matthias Pander  |  Fraunhofer CSP
14:30 End of Workshop